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This page is organized into the following sections:

Here are the references I have come across in my research on the Duluth, South Shore, and Atlantic Railway (DSS&A) and its associated lines, the Mineral Range Railroad (MRRR) and the Hancock and Calumet Railroad (H&CRR). Most of these works are historical, but some deal with model railroading issues. Lastly, I also include references I have found on other Copper Country railroads, like the Copper Range, Quincy and Torch Lake (Q&TL), Hecla and Torch Lake (H&TL), etc.

When I started this research I thought that there would be very little to find. On the contrary, there is an enormous amount of material that has survived. Most of the DSS&A materials are with the Soo Line Historical and Technical Society archives, which I have not yet had the opportunity to explore. In addition, the Perron Collection and the Page Collection are very valuable. Most of the items I report here are books, articles, and manuscripts I have found while researching in Houghton and Marquette.

Many of the items listed here I have found as photocopies in manuscript collections. Hence, occasionally, the full bibliographic details are missing. In these cases I have marked the missing information with three question marks (???). I will repair these citations as I find the missing information.  Three astricks (***) means that I have not yet seen the item and need to purchase, borrow, or photocopy it.  If you can help me acquire photocopies of these artciles, then please contact me.  I will of course be willing to pay for the photocopies.  I am especially having trouble getting photocopies of articles from Finelines and Narrow Gauge and Short Line Gazette.  I will thank you in advance for your help.

Lastly, I want to thank Leon Schaddelee and John F. Campbell for making suggestions to improve this bibliography.

Books and Articles

Armstrong, John. 1979. Track Planning for Realistic Operation: A Handbook for Model Railroaders and Railfans. 2nd ed. Waukesha, WI: Kalmbach Books.

I found Armstrong's and Chubb's (1991) books to be very instructive of how railroads operated and how this could be translated into a model railroad.

Barnett, LeRoy, comp. 1983. "A Basic Bibliography of Michigan Railroads." Chronicle. 19: 2 (Summer): 47-53.

__________. 1986. Railroads in Michigan: A Catalog of Company Publications, 1836-1980. Marquette, MI: Northern Michigan University Press.

DSS&A annual reports and other publications are listed on pp. 5-73. Many reports have survived from 1887 to 1960. This bibliography lists the reports that have survived and the institutions where they can be found.

__________. 1989. "South Shore [Place Names Along the Detroit, Mackinac & Marquette Railroad]." The Soo 11 (April): 36-38.

__________. 1990-1991. "Detroit, Mackinac & Marquette: The History of Michigan's Marquette-St. Ignace Railroad." The Soo, two part series:

12 (October 1990): 20-37;
13 (January 1991): 16-41.

Barry, Richard J. N.d. [ca. 1937]. "History of the Duluth, South Shore and Atlantic Railway Company and its Predecessors." Typed manuscript, 4 p., at the Marquette County Historical Society, no. 5060.

Bourke, Frank.  1983.  "Trains to Everywhere."  In A Most Superior Land: Life in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  Ed. Susan Newhof Pyle, pp. 55-65.   Lansing: TwoPeninsula Press.

Brown, Robert W.  1974.  Untitled., photographs and drawings of Q&TL equipment.  Finelines 11 (November): 8-19.  ***

__________.  1977.  "Michigan Vignette."  Narrow Gauge and Short Line Gazette 3 (May): 66.  ***

Burgtorf, Frances D. 1976. Chief Wawatam: The Story of a Hand-Bomber [sic]. Cheyboygan, MI: ???.

Campbell, John F.  1974.  "Qunicy and Torch Lake Railroad."  Finelines 11 (November): 6.  ***

__________.  1976.  "Locomotives of the Quincy & Torch Lake."   Narrow Gauge and Short Line Gazette 2 (May): 22-27.  ***

__________.  1980. "The Mineral Range Railroad Company: Narrow Gauge Era." The Soo 2:4 (October): 12-35.

__________. 1987. "Quincy & Torch Lake Straight-Braced Rock Car." Railroad Model Craftsman 55 (May): 64-68.

Caviglia, Gary.  1979.  "Quincy & Torch Lake Tilt Bottom Gondola."  Narrow Gauge and Short Line Gazette 5 (May/June): 42-43.   ***

Central Electric Railfans' Association. 1959. Electric Railways of Michigan. Chicago: Central Electric Railfans' Association, Bulletin 103.

This publication has several pages dedicated to the Houghton Country Traction Company. It is divided into five parts, see pp. v:9-15 for a short histroy, a description of how the snow was handled, and photographs. See p. iv:6 for a roster of the street cars and snow plows.

Chubb, Bruce A. 1991. How to Operate Your Model Railroad: Realistic Operation for all Scales. 3rd ed. Waukesha, WI: Kalmbach Books.

Cole, Frank. 1987. "Modeler's Roundtable [Kit-Bashing DSS&A Ore Cars]." The Soo 9 (July): 44-45.

Dehaas, Gordon. 1994. "Riding the Rails in Upper Michigan." The Soo 16 (Spring): 20-39.

Deimling, Gene.  1975.  "Q&TL Rock Car."  Narrow Gauge and Short Line Gazette 1 (March): 5-10.***

Derus, Charles, and Douglas Fleming. 1991. "Modeler's Roundtable [DSS&A Passenger Cars." The Soo 13 (July): 44-47.

Dorin, Patrick. 1979. The Soo Line. Seattle, WA: Superior Publishing Co.

This has a few details about the DSS&A.

__________. 1985. "Duluth, South Shore & Atlantic Railway Ore Cars." The Soo 7 (April): 40-45.

Douglas, George H. 1996. All Aboard! The Railroad in American Life. New York: Smithmark Publishers.

Excellent book. For someone of my tender years, who does not remember the great age of steam nor riding passenger trains, this is a great review of the importance railroads once held in the daily life of all Americans.

Drury, George H., comp. 1992. The Train-Watcher's Guide to North American Railroads: A Contemporary Reference to the Major Railroads of the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. 2nd ed. Waukesha, WI: Kalmbach Books.

__________. 1993. Guide to North American Steam Locomotives: History and Development of Steam Power Since 1900. Waukesha, WI: Kalmbach Books.

__________. 1994. The Historical Guide to North American Railroads: Histories, Figures, and Features of More than 160 Railroads Abandoned or Merged Since 1930. 5th ed. Waukesha, WI: Kalmbach Books.

DuLong, John P. "French Canadian Genealogical Research in Houghton County, Michigan." Michigan's Habitant Heritage, 5 part series:

Part I: Introduction and Historical Background, 10 (October 1989): 98-103.
Part II: Houghton County Courthouse, 11 (January 1990): 19-21.
Part III: Copper Country Archives, 11 (April 1990): 39-44.
Part IV: Roman Catholic Church Records and Cemeteries, 11 (July 1990): 56-59.
Part V: Conclusion and Bibliography, 11 (October 1990): 82-86.

This is my contribution to understanding the records available in Houghton County for doing genealogical research. The bibliography includes many local history items.

Duluth, South Shore, and Atlantic Railway Company. 1899-1946. Report for the Fiscal Year. . . .

The Burton Historical Collection has these reports for 1899, 1904-1917, 1921-1923, 1926, 1928, 1937-1940, and 1946. Other reports have survived at other collections, see Barnett (1986). These reports list the number and type of locomotives and cars, the number of passengers, the types of freight, improvements to the system, etc.

__________. 1919? Rules and Regulations for the Government of Employes of the Operating Department. Marquette: Mining Journal.

This is in the Rare Book Collection of the Library of Michigan.

__________. 1929? Time Table. N.p.: DSS&A.

This time table, based on no. 317 dated 6 October 1929, was for the information and government of employees only. It is in the Rare Book Collection of the Library of Michigan.

"Duluth, South Shore & Atlantic Railway." 1969. Michigan History 53 (Spring): 62-72.

This is only 11 pages of photographs taken from the 1911 DSS&A court case.

Dunbar, Willis F. 1969. All Aboard! A History of Railroads in Michigan. Grand Rapids, MI: William B. Eerdmans Publishing Co.

This is the classic work on railroads in Michigan, an enjoyable and informable read.

Durocher, Aurele A. 1964. "The Duluth, South Shore, and Atlantic Railway Company." Railway and Locomotive Historical Society Bulletin no. 111 (October): 7-81. Boston: Baker Library, Harvard Business School.

This is the quintessential published work on the DSS&A. It thoroughly covers the early history of the railroad and the locomotives. However, operations and rolling stock are only mentioned in passing.

__________. 1984-1985. "The Railroads of the City of Marquette." The Soo, five part series:

6 (July 1984): 8-41;
6 (October 1984): 12-35;
7 (January 1985): 12-43;
7 (April 1985): 12-39;
7 (July 1985): 14-39.

This series of articles covers much of the same material in his 1964 publication, however, there are more and different photographs, diagrams, and some great railroad maps of the Marquette County area. The focus is on Marquette as a railroad city and not just on the DSS&A.

__________. 1986. "Nostalgia for the Steam Locomotive Bell." The Soo 8 (January): 10-

An Economic History of Five Midwestern Railroads. 1976. Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Dept. of Transportation, Washington, DC.

Photocopied pp. 38-53 while at the Copper Country Historical Collections archives, deals in part with the Soo Line.

Easton, Larry E. 1992. "Houghton's Classic Depot: This 'Jewel of the Copper Country' Awaits the Return of Train Service." The Soo 14 (July): 13-27.

Edson, William D. 1996 and 1987. "The I.C.C. Valuation Records on Railroads" and "Index to I.C.C. Valuation Engineering Reports on Railroads" [typed papers].

Edson offers an index of Interstate Commerce Commission reports on American railroads. Most of these reports were compiled between 1913 and 1919. They provide details about the facilities, locomotives, and rolling stock of the companies. Maps of the routes are also included. Edson sells photocopies of these reports grouped in volumes. The DSS&A report is in vol. S-63, as is the MRRR, Duluth and Superior Bridge Co., the Sault Ste. Marie Bridge Co., and Sainte Marie Union Depot Co. The Mackinac Transportation Co. is in vol. S-41. You can order this index and photocopies of the reports from William D. Edson, 10820 Gainsborough Road, Potomac, MD 20854.

Edwards, David. 1984. "Glory Days of Trains Not Forgotten." The Soo 6 (April): 34-35.

Reminisces of Art Nadeau, retired DSS&A employee.

Elliott, Wendy L. 1987. "Railroad Records for Genealogical Research." National Genealogical Society Quarterly 75:4 (December): 271-277.

This is an excellent guide for conducting genealogical research on railroad employees.

Fields, Richard A. 1997. Range of Opportunity: A Historic Study of the Copper Range Company. Hancock, MI: Quincy Mine Hoist Association.

Fisher, Nancy Beth. 1997. Quincy Mining Company Housing, 1840s-1920s. Masters Thesis, Michigan Technological Univeristy.

This thesis contains valuable information about the housing Quincy Mining Company built for its workers. There are some nice detailed drawings showing the various house patterns that Quincy Used. Other mining companies used similar patterns. This is great data for a model railroaders who wants to build some of these company houses on their layouts.

Flagg, Thomas. 1996. "The Carferry Terminal at St. Ignace, Michigan." Transfer19 (July-December): 17-18.

Fleming, Howard. 1949. Narrow Gauge Railways in America. Oakland, CA: G. H. Hardy.

This is a reprint of an 1875 work with a list of narrow gauge railroads up to 1949. It mentions the MRRR on pp. 76-77.

Gaertner, John. 2009. The Duluth, South Shore & Atlantic Railway: A History of the Lake Superior District’s Pioneer Iron Ore Hauler. Bloomington: Indiana University Press. ISBN 978-0-253-35192-0.

Gebhardt, Ed. 1985. "Quincy & Torch Lake Moguls 1 and 4." Model Railroad Craftsman. ??? (August): 74-76.

Harnack, Art, and Reid Van Sluys. 2009. "Copper Country Limited." The Milwaukee Railroader 39 (Second Quarter):16-27.

Has a good map of the route of the Copper Country Limited, 24-25.

Harrington, Mike, comp. 1988?. "The Soo an Index, 1977-1987." Typed manuscript available from the Soo Line Historical and Technical Society.

I have just started systematically going through this index and the back issue of The Soo at the Library of Michigan. There are several very interesting DSS&A articles listed in this index. Unfortunately, every time I have made it to the Library of Michigan in 1996, I have run out of time before I can complete going through the back issues. My goal in 1997 is to go through every back issue of The Soo looking for DSS&A articles.

Hastings, Philip R. 1977. "Lonely Nights on the Copper Country." Passenger Train Journal ??? (October): 18-23.

Photographs from November 1967 of one of the last few trips of the Milwaukee Road Copper Country Limited.

Hawkins, Ed.  1996a.  "Double-Door Box Cars, 50-Foot PS-1 Circa 1948-1961, Part 4."  Railmodel Journal ??? (January): 16.  ***

__________.  1996b.  "Modeling Modified 1937 AAR 40-Foot Cars, Part 2."  Railmodel Journal ??? (October): 8.  ***

Supposedly, these articles involve DSS&A box cars.

Hedetneimi, Charles J. 1993. "The Depots of Champion." The Soo 15 (Spring): 20-31.

Hilton, George Woodman. 1962. The Great Lakes Car Ferries. ???: Howell-North Books.

__________. 1990. American Narrow Gauge Railroads. Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press.

A thorough directory of narrow gauge railroads including the MRRR and the H&CRR, pp. 423-424.

"Ho for Houghton! The Business Men's Excursion to Copperdom Thursday, An Enjoyable Trip." 1987. The Soo 9 (April): 18-20. Reprint of a Marquette Mining Journal article, 24 November 1883.

Holt, William Arthur. 1986. "South Shore [Holt Lumber Company]." The Soo 8 (April): 14-16.

Hornstein, Hugh. 1994. "A Brief History of the Manistique & Lake Superior Railroad: A Duluth, South Shore & Atlantic Bridge." The Soo 15 (Winter): 17-21.

Hundman, Robert L.  1983.  "DSS&A Railway Concrete Ore Dock."   Mainline Modeler ??? (December): 28.  ***

ICC [U.S. Interstate Commerce Commission], Bureau of Valuation. 1916a. "Duluth and Superior Bridge Company." 30 June, valuation docket 218, vol. 133, report S-63, 2 p.

__________. 1916b. "Duluth, South Shore & Atlantic Railway." 30 June, valuation docket 256, vol. 36, report S-63, 10 p.

__________. 1916c. "Mineral Range Railroad Company." 30 June, valuation docket 228, vol. 26, report S-63, 7 p.

__________. 1916d. "Sault Ste. Marie Bridge Co. and the Sainte Marie Union Depot Co." 30 June, valuation docket 184, vol. 108, report S-63, 3 p.

__________. 1917. "The Lake Superior Terminal and Transfer Railway Company of the State of Wisconsin." 30 June, valuation docket 862, vol. 130, report S-63, 7 p.

__________. 1918. "The Mackinac Transportation Company." 30 June, valuation docket 602, vol. 589, report S-41, 3 p.

These are summary reports of the ICC investigations. Erik Nordberg, of the Copper Country Historical Collections at Michigan Technological University, has shown me samples of some of the more detailed information from the ICC surveys. This additional information includes drawings of the railroad buildings along the right-of-way. These additional data are to be found at a branch of the National Archives near Washington, DC. I hope to use this collection on my next visit to the Washington, DC, area.

Junkhan, David. 1991. "South Shore [Marquette Diesel Shop]." The Soo 13 (January): 50-51.

Kieckhefer, Guy N. 1994. "The Evolution of the Soo Line Freight Car Fleet." The Soo ??? (Fall): 20-36.

This article provides tables of freight equipment not only for the Soo Line, but also the DSS&A and the Mineral Range.

Kilpela, Tauno. 1995. The Hard Rock Mining Era in the Copper Country: A Chronicle of Operations on the Seven Major Lodes of the Keweenaw Mining District.  N.p.

This book is somewhat disorganized, but it does contain valuable maps showing the location of the mine shafts.

King, Franklin A. 1960. "Dead but not Buried [Quincy & Torch Lake Railroad]." Trains 20 (January): 40-41.

__________. 1981. "The South Shore, Wisconsin Central, and Soo Line at the Head of the Lakes." The Soo 3 (July): 8-27.

Knecht, John W., comp. 1996?. Michigan Railroads and Sites of Rail-Era Interest. Port Huron, MI: MDOT Michigan Welcome Center.

I saw a flyer for this work and talked with Mr. Knecht on the telephone. Apparently, it is not currently available, but he hopes that the Michigan Department of Transportation will publish it soon.

Lankton, Larry D. 1991. Cradle to Grave: Life, Work, and Death at the Lake Superior Copper Mines. New York: Oxford University Press.

This is probably the best introduction to Copper Country history available today.

Lankton, Larry D., and Charles K. Hyde. 1982. Old Reliable: An Illustrated History of the Quincy Mining Company. Hancock, MI: The Quincy Mine Hoist Association, Inc.

This is a well written history of the Quincy Mining Company with many interesting illustrations. More of these drawings can be found in Quincy Mine Hoist Association (N.d.).

Magnaghi, Russell M. 1989. "Bibliographic Survey and Scope of Work for Historical Documentation of the Marquette Ore Dock and Its Approaches, Marquette, Michigan." Washington, DC: Interstate Commerce Commission, Office of Transportation Analysis, report no. ICC-89-M-1562-Q.***

I have not yet seen this work, but it is suppose to contain background information about the DSS&A and its ore dock.

Maki, Wilbert B. 1980. Reminiscences of the Streetcar (1900-1932). N.p.

This small awkardly written book deals with the history of the Houghton County Traction Company.

Mailer, Stanley H. 1972. "Mason Bogies, 3-per-cent-plus Grades, a Compound, an Odd Gauge, Camelbacks, What More Could Anyone Ask? [Hecla & Torch Lake Railroad]." Trains (August): 29-36.

__________.  1997.  "South Shore's Special Baldwins." Mainline Modeler ??? (July): 58.  ***

Meier, Paul H. 1967. "Water Tank for Narrow Gauge or Standard: Quincy & Torch Lake Prototype is Rectangular and Sits Upon a Steep Slope." Model Railroader 34 (May): 31.

__________.  1981.  "Quincy Mining's Big Hoist." Narrow Gauge and Short Line Gazette 7 (March/April): 26-30.  ***

__________. 1985a. "Copper Country: History." Railroad Model Craftsman 54 (June): 57-64.

__________. 1985b. "Copper Country: Mines." Railroad Model Craftsman 54 (July): 81-87.

__________. 1985c. "Copper Country: Mills, Smelters, and Rails." Railroad Model Craftsman 54 (August): 78-85.

This series on the Copper Country is an excellent introduction to the history of railroading in the region. The last article has a list of Copper Country railroads that operated in the area at one time or another.

__________. 1990. "South Shore [Copper Country: DSS&A and Mineral Range]." 12 (July): 60-61.

Meints, Graydon M. 1987. Along the Tracks: A Directory of Named Places on Michigan Railroads. Mount Pleasant, MI: Clarke Historical Library, Central Michigan University.***

__________. 1992. Michigan Railroads and Railroad Companies. East Lansing, MI: Michigan State Univ. Press.

This has a detailed corporate genealogy for the DSS&A, p. 167. This book is crucial for identifying and tracing the corporate histories of Michigan railroads.

Michigan Railroad Commission. 1872-[1918]. Annual Report of the Michigan Railroad Commission. 46 vols. Lansing, MI, and Ft. Wayne, IN: The Commissioner.***

In my research I have seen reference to this work and have seen photocopies from it. I have yet to sit down and thoroughly investigate it. Apparently, the complete series is available at the Library of Michigan.

Mid-Continent Railway Society, Inc. 1988. "Soo Line Historical and Technical Society." Mid-Continent Railway Gazette 21 (September): 1-23.

This is a special issue corresponded with a meeting of the Soo Line Historical and Technical Society. It covers in detail the rolling stock preserved at the Mid-Continent Railway museum that would interest the members of the Soo Line group.

Monette, Clarence J. 1989. The Copper Range Railroad. Lake Linden, MI: Welden H. Curtin.

__________. 1993. The Mineral Range Railroad. Lake Linden, MI: Welden H. Curtin.

__________. 1997. Keweenaw Central Railroad and the Crestview Resort. Calumet, MI: Greenlee Printing Co.

Monette is a prodigious local historian who has written on many of the towns and mining locations of the Copper Country. If you are unable to order his books from your local bookstore, then write Mr. Monette at 942 Ninth St., Lake Linden, MI 49945.

Mullaly, Bob. 1986. "South Shore [Marquette Railroad Memories]." The Soo 8 (October): 16-17. Originally published n Michigan Railfan, February 1979.

Musser, Kevin E. 1994-. "Structures of the Keweenaw." Hotbox (newsletter of the North Central Region of the National Model Railroad Association), ongoing series:

"Part I: Building a Town Landmark in HO Scale" (Laverdiere Motors Garage in Lake Linden, MI). 35 (Winter 1994): 7-9;
"Part II: The Atlantic Flour Milling Company." 36 (Summer 1995): 7-9;
"Part III: The Mineral Range Depot at Houghton, MI." 37 (Spring 1996): 6-8;
"Part IV: Ojibway Mining Company House." 37 (Fall 1996): 3-5,7;
"Part V: Mining Company Houses on the Copper Range." 37 (Winter 1997): 3-5,7;
"Part VI: Scheuermann Brewery Warehouse, Calumet, Mich." 38 (Spring 1997): 10-12;
"Part VII: Copper Range Freigth House and Shelter." 38 (Summer 1997): 8-11;
"Part VIII; Champion Copper Co. Mining Captain's Office. " 39 (Winter 1998): 6-8;
"Part IX; The Lake Mine Depot. " 39 (Summer 1998): 7-10;

__________. 1996. "Construction Tips: Copper Range Rock Cars." Hotbox 37 (Winter 1996): 8-10.

Kevin simply does excellent modeling work and he takes the extra step of documenting his accomplishments and sharing his knowledge with others. You will note that I do not know the volume number or pages of these articles. However, this is not necessary since Kevin has made reprints of these articles available at his web site,

__________. 1998. "The Quincy & Torch Lake, a railroad built for modeling." Hotbox 39 (Spring 1998): 6-9,15.

Nelson, Stuart J. "Soo Line-Built Wood Cabooses: Three Series Built at Shoreham Between 1914 and 1924." The Soo 24 (Spring 2002): 16-25.

Nickoll, Jim.  1974.  "Scale Drawings of the Quincy Mining Co.'s Russel Snow Plow" [unsure of title].  Finelines 11 (January): 14-16.  ***

The Official Railway Equipment Register. 1890-1980. 95 vols. New York: National Railway Publication Co.

This is a very valuable resource because it lists summary information about railroads year-by-year. I have only seen some photocopies of pages from this annual in the Perron Collection (DSS&A, December 1923, pp. 392-393, and MRRR, December 1923, p. 836, apparently, the data for these reports were collected in June 1923, the Decmber 1923 issue was probably vol. 39). I am unsure of the bibliographic facts and if it is still in publication. I hope to get the 1922 and 1923 volumes through interlibrary loan so that I may inspect them more closely.

"Old South Shore Detailed as once energetic line." Wednesday 14 January 1976 Daily Mining Gazette, 6.

Oom, Robert A. 1986a. "South Shore: The South Shore at the Straits." The Soo 8 (January): 44-46.

__________. 1986b. "South Shore [Steep Grades and 1951 Accident]." The Soo 8 (July): 20-22.

__________. 1987a. "South Shore [Copper Country Limited and Kraft Photographs]." The Soo 9 (January): 30-33.

__________. 1987b. "South Shore [Keweenaw Bay]." The Soo 9 (April): 21-24.

__________, ed. 1987c. "South Shore: The Connecting Link, Excursion from the Iron District to the Copper Country, Under the Auspices of the MH&O Railroad Company." The Soo 9 (July): 18-19. Reprint of an article originally appearing in The Iron Agitator, Ishpeming, 24 November 1883.

__________. 1988a. "South Shore [Stations Along the DSS&A]." The Soo 10 (January): 18-19.

__________. 1988b. "South Shore [L'Anse Depot]." The Soo 10 (April): 52-53.

__________. 1988c. "Marquette's Coaling Facilities." The Soo 10 (July): 30-35.

__________. 1988d. "South Shore [Reprint of 1876 Historical Address by Samuel P. Ely]." The Soo10 (July): 16-18.

__________. 1989a. "South Shore: Two Men Instantly Killed [1891 Accident Between Champion and Humboldt]." The Soo 11 (January): 24-25.

__________. 1989b. "South Shore [Seney, Michigan]." The Soo 11 (July): 16.

I now know more then I will every need to know about Seney!

__________. 1990a. "Modeler's Roundtable [St. Ignace DSS&A Section House]." The Soo 12 (January): 40-43.

__________. 1990b. "South Shore [White Pine Branch]." The Soo 12 (October): 44-45.

Paananen, Roy. 1983. "Je Me Souviens: Memories of Riding DSS&A Freights in the 1930's." The Soo 5 (January): 8-19.

Page, Rev. Herman.  1974.  "Qunicy & Torch Lake Railroad."   Finelines 11 (November): 7.  ***

__________.  1990. "[Copper Country Limited]???." The Soo 12 (October): ???-???.   ***

There are also suppose to be some photographs of the Copper Country Limited in vol. 11, nos. 2 and 3.

__________. 1991. "South Shore [DSS&A Passenger Service]." The Soo 13 (July): 40-42.

Pomazal, Charles E.  1991.  "The Quincy & Torch Lake Engine House." Narrow Gauge and Short Line Gazette 17 (May/June): 25-33.  ***

__________.  1993.  "A Quincy & Torch Lake Turntable."  Narrow Gauge and Short Line Gazette 19 (May/June): 53-56.  ***

According to John F. Campbell (in an email to me dated 6 March 1997), Pomazal has also published modeling articles related to the Q&TL structures in the Narrow Guage and Short Line Gazette, but he did not have the bibliographic information.  If you have this information, then please contact me with it.

Quincy Mine Hoist Association. N.d. Quincy Mining Company: MineMillSmelterCommunity. Calumet, MI: The Copper Press.

This booklet consists of detailed reprints of drawings done by the Historic American Engineering Record, Heritage Conservation & Recreation Service, United States Department of the Interior. There are drawings of rock houses, surface buildings, a stamp mill, a smelters, and mining communities. Some great ideas for modeling can be found here. Some of these drawings appear in Lankton and Hyde, Old Reliable (1982).

Ralph, Julien. 1893. Along the Bowstring or South Shore of Lake Superior. 3rd ed. New York: Duluth, South Shore, and Atlantic Railway.

Rector, William G.  1952.  "Railroad Logging in the Lake States."   Michigan History 36 (December): 351-362.  ***

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__________. 1993. "The Copper Country Limited." The Soo 15 (Spring): 32-39.

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__________. 1982b. "The Hancock & Calumet Railroad: The Narrow Gauge Years." Narrow Gauge & Short Line Gazette ??? (November/December): 40-45.

"Soo Line Caboose Painting and Lettering Variations: Paint Schemes from the 1930s to the 1970s." The Soo 24 (Spring 2002): 26-27.

"The South Shore Today." 1994. The Soo 16 (Spring): 3-47.

This special issue incudes a DSS&A customer flyers from 1941, pp. 13-18, and an article by Dehaas (1994) on riding the DSS&A route.

"South Shore's Depot Clock Tells Time for More Than 60 Years." 3 January 1959 Daily Mining Gazette???, ???.

Stevens, John F. 1991. "An Engineer's Recollections: Winter Work on the South Shore Railroad." The Soo 13 (July): 48-50.

Stolte, Tom, mlw636 at  1998.   "Railroad Nicknames - Feb. 1998."  Usenet News group rec. models. railroad (18 February).

Swain, Stafford. 1979. "Scenery of the Canadian Shield." Railroad Model Craftsman 47:8 (January): 56-63.

Tips and techniques for modelling scenery of the Canadian Shield typical of the Copper Country.

Taber, Thomas T., comp. 1993. Guide to Railroad Historical Resources United States and Canada. Muncy, PA: N.p., privately printed.

Just as I thought I was getting a grip on the materials out there concerning the DSS&A, LeRoy Barnett from the State Archives of Michigan sent me photocopies from this book. It lists over sixty institutions holding materials on the DSS&A. It will take me months to track these down. Plus, I have to still look and see what institutions are listed as having information on the MRRR and the H&CRR.

"A Terrible Wreck [1900]." 1988. The Soo 10 (October): 18-19.

Thurner, Arthur W. 1994. Strangers and Sojourners: A History of Michigan's Keweenaw Peninsula. Detroit: Wayne State University Press.

I found this book interesting once I got beyond the author's awkward prose.

Trent, D. D., Bob Brown, Herman Page, Al Henning, and E. G. Cass.  1966.   "Q&TL Issue" [unsure of title ???].  Finelines 3 (May): ???-???.  ***

According to John F. Campbell (in an email to me dated 6 March 1997), this special issue was spurred by the late Frank King's 1960 Trains article on the Q&TL.   If you have the bibliographic information for this article, then please contact me with it.

Uhelski, John M., and Robert M. Uhelski. 1979. An Inventory of the Railroad Depots in the State of Michigan. Crete, NE: Railroad Station Historical Society.***

Warren, Paula Stuart.  1998.  "Railroad Records and Railroad History: Methods for Tracking" [lecture syllabus].  Rocky Mountain Rendezvous, 6-9 May 1998, Denver, Colorado, National Genealogical Society 1998 Conference in the States.   Arlington, VA: National Genealogical Society.

Wesolowski, Wayne. 1977. "Small Building for Storing Long Parts." Model Railroad Craftsman 45:12 (May): 34-36. [Concerns a building on the Quincy Mining Company's property.]

__________.  1978.  "Quincy Mining Co. Machine Shop." Railroad Model Craftsman  47 (August): 39-43.  ***

__________.  1981.  "Copper Country Cabin." Railroad Model Craftsman 50 (July): 79-84.  ***

__________.  1982.  "Quincy Mining Co. Concentrate Cars." Model Railroad Craftsman 49 (January): 110-113.

__________.  1983.  "Quincy Oil House." Railroad Model Craftsman 52:3 (September): 58-59. [Concerns a building on the Quincy Mining Company's property.]

__________.  1987.  "Modeling the Quincy & Torch Lake Straight-Braced Rock Car." Railroad Model Craftsman  56 (May): 64-69 and 56 (June): 77-81.

__________.  1988.  "Building a Coaling Tower."  Railroad Model Craftsman, four part series:

56 (May 1988): 65-72;  ***
57 (June 1988): 77-83;  ***
57 (July 1988): 72-77;  ***
57 (August 1988): 57-60.  ***

According to Leon Schaddelee (in a letter to me dated 10 August 1997), this series documents the DSS&A coaling tower at Marquette which became the guide for Bachmann's plastic kit.

Wesolowski, Wayne, and Paul Meier.  1981.  "Quincy Mining's Big Hoist: A Giant in Steam."  Narrow Gauge and Short Line Gazette 7:1 (March/April): 26.  [Article on the Quincy Nordberg Hoist, title unsure.]  ***

Wesolowski, Wayne, and Mary Wesolowski.  1984.  Model Railroad Structures From A to Z.  ???: Carsters Publications, Inc.  ***

Modeling techniques with photographs of buildings in Hancock and drawings of Quincy Mine shed and house.

Wilder, Carson. 2009. "The Last Run of the Copper Country Limited." The Soo 31 (Spring): 25-31.

Wilson, Dale, and Mike Cleary. 1990. "What's at the Saults, Besides the Locks?" The Soo 12 (July): 16-27.

Wood, John R. 1886-[1911]. Wood's Official Railway Guide of Michigan (1886-1908?), name changed to Michigan Railway Guide and Hotel Directory (1909?-[1911?]). Several volumes. Detroit: Michigan Railway Guide Co.***

I have not yet seen any of these guide. Reportedly, these guides contain timetables for the various Michigan railroads.

Zimmerman, Karl. ???. Lake Michigan's Railroad Car Ferries. ???:???.

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Manuscript Collections

Bentley Historical Library

A search of the online card catalogue for the Bentley Historical Library reveals that it holds the following items regarding the DSS&A and MRRR:

DSS&A. 1943. Duluth, South Shore & Atlantic Railway map.
Cadarette, N. 1938. Duluth, South Shore & Atlantic Ry. Condensed Profile
Hansel, Charles. 1912. Photograph Album, covering many DSS&A stations in Michigan
Wykes, Roger Irving, and others. 1907-1920. Briefs and other legal papers relating to the DSS&A
Cadarette, N. 1898. Map Showing the Lands Owned and For Sale by the Duluth, South Shore & Atlantic Railway in Houghton and Baraga Counties. Marquette, MI: The Railway
McCallum, George P. 1892-1960's. Photographic Series, 2 envelopes and 1 outsize folder
Poole Brothers. 1890. Map of the Duluth South-Sore & Atlantic Ry. and Connections
Osceola, Michigan photographic collection, 1899, 1 envelope.

Burton Historical Collection

The Burton Historical Collection has many of the DSS&A Annual Reports as well as some other miscellaneous materials including circulars and clippings.

Copper Country Historical Collections

This archives has many materials relating to the DSS&A, MRRR, H&CRR, the mining companies, and any other features of life in the Copper Country. So far I have found the following materials:

Vertical files:
Railroads, Mineral Range, written materials
Railroads, Depots, pictures
Railroads, General, pictures
Railroads, Companies, Mineral Range, pictures
Railroads, General, written materials
Photograph files:
Railroads 1 of 2
Railroads 2 of 2
RailroadsCompaniesChicago & Northwestern
RailroadsCompaniesDuluth, South Shore & Atlantic
Railroads—Companies—Hancock & Calumet
Railroads—Companies—Houghton, Chassell & Southwestern
Railroads—Companies—Keweenaw Central
Railroads—Companies—Milwaukee Road
Railroads—Companies—Mineral Range
Railroads—Depots—Street Cars
Page, Rev. Herman, Collection, account no. 22, this is an extensive collection on railroads in the Copper Country
Perron, Wesley, Collection, account no. 447, this archives holds only a portion of this valuable collection, specifically, the papers dealing with the MRRR and Copper Range Railroad
The archives has many documents relating to the local mining companies including the Calumet and Hecla Consolidated Mining Co. and the Quincy Mining Co.
Lastly, this archives holds a large number of Copper Country newspapers on microfilm and city directories.

In addition to these materials, I have seen in my readings reference to data collected by John F. Campbell and Leon Schaddelee relating to the DSS&A, MRRR, and H&CRR that is supposed to be in this archives. However, I have not yet found these data.

I want to extend a special thanks to Erik Nordberg, the manager of this crucial archives, for the wonderful work he and his team has done in preparing guides to the Quincy Mining Company and Calumet and Hecla Mining Company records. They have also prepared a detailed listing of Quincy Mining Company drawings. Erik plans to eventually put the guides on the Michigan Technological University web site. I will add links to these guides when they appear. Lastly, I want to thank him for the tour of the back room. Wow! There is an incredible amount of documents in this collection. Although they have made significant progress processing many of these documents, it will take decades to complete the task.

Houghton County Historical Society

This society has some interesting items on Copper Country railroads in its library. The vertical files includes the following folders:

Railroad Miscellaneous (1)
Railroad Copper Range
Railroad Papers, Pamphlets, Booklets, etc.
Railroad History
Railroad Miscellaneous (2)
Duplicates to be Sold (these are extra photographs from the railroad files that the society is willing to sell)
Railroad Hearing

In addition, the Lake Linden MRRR depot and several railroad items are preserved at the museum. Attached to the depot is a new building that will house a model railroad display of the Copper Country. This layout is approximately 25 by 30 feet and portrays the Copper Range Railroad. You can contact Doug McDowell to learn more about this effort.

J. M. Longyear Research Library

This collection contains a small part of the Perron Collection plus many other materials relating to the DSS&A. On my visit in 1996 I did not have enough time to finish a thorough survey of the contents of this collection. For instance, I did not spend any time looking at the photographic collection on the DSS&A. On my visit I saw that there are 17 items relating to the DSS&A listed in the card catalogue for this collection. However, I did not have a chance to view these items.

Library of Michigan

This institution has the largest collection of Michigan newspapers on microfilm and city directories. The Houghton County newspapers are filled with information about the railroads. In particular, the Daily Mining Gazette often has stories regarding the DSS&A and MRRR. This newspaper also would publish in the 1960's and 1970's special green colored pages on historical topics. The city directories are very useful for tracking down individual DSS&A employees since they reveal their address and occupation. It also holds back copies of the The Soo

Mid-Continent Railway Historical Society, Inc.

I am not sure what kind of library or collection this institution has. I do know that they have several preserved DSS&A freight and passenger cars. The staff has kindly replied to my queries regarding this equipment.

National Archives and Records Administration

The original Interstate Commerce Commission valuation records, created between 1915 and 1920, are stored at the National Archives. Most of the records (Record Group 143) are at the Textual Reference Branch.. However, the detailed maps are with the Cartographic Records Branch. The archives also holds accident reports and other railroad related records. You can contact the National Archives and Records Administration, User Services Division, (301) 713-6800, and ask them for the following pamphlets and article:

National Archives and Records Administration. 1995. "ICC Railroad Valuation Records" [pamphlet]. College Park, MD: NARA.

__________. ???. "Records Relating to Railroad Accident Reports" [pamphlet]. ???: NARA.

__________. 1996. "Researching Railroad Records at the National Archives." The Record [newsletter] ??? (September): ???-???.

Peter White Public Library

This library holds the bulk of the Perron Collection, including almost all of the DSS&A materials he collected.

Soo Line Historical and Technical Society Archives

I believe that this is the El Dorado for DSS&A materials. Unfortunately, I have not been able to visit the archives as yet. I understand that any surviving DSS&A corporate materials were transferred to this archives several years ago. I know that they have a large collection of maps and blueprints relating to the DSS&A. I have acquired copies of most of the right-of-way maps between Houghton and Calumet at a reasonable price from the archives. These maps are incredibly detailed. I also received from the archives detailed blueprints for the swivel bridge that once stood between Houghton and Hancock.

State Archives of Michigan

This institution holds an interesting collection of DSS&A materials relating to a 1911 rates case. The DSS&A had to provide detailed information about its facilities, tracks, locomotives, and rolling stock to the Attorney General in order to fight this rate change. The result is a snapshot of the DSS&A in 1911. Their are wonderful photographs of stations, tracks, roundhouses, bridges, locomotives, passenger cars, and freight cars. Record Group 53-7, lot 3 contains the following items:

Case File of the Duluth, South Shore & Atlantic Railroad vs. Michigan, 1911-, container 1
Case File of the Duluth, South Shore & Atlantic Railroad vs. Michigan, 1911-, container 2
Cartographic Exhibits of Duluth, South Shore & Atlantic Railroad Rate Case, container 6
Cartographic Exhibits of Duluth, South Shore & Atlantic Railroad Rate Case, container 7
Abstract of Appraisal, 1 vol., outsize items, container 1
Tabulated Reports, 1902-1911, outsize items, container 2
Map of Duluth, South Shore & Atlantic Railroad, outsize items, container 3

The archives has a prepared guide for this collection entitled "Records of the Office of the Attorney General (Record Group 53-7) Lot 3" prepared in 1959.

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Audio-Visual Materials

I am still hoping to find some films or recordings concerning the DSS&A.

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Addresses of Libraries, Archives, and Societies

Bentley Historical Library
1150 Beale St., North Campus
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2113
Telephone: (313) 764-3482
Fax: (313) 936-1333
Email: bentley.ref at
Web page:

Burton Historical Collection
Detroit Public Library
5201 Woodward Ave.
Detroit, MI 48202
Telephone: (313) 833-1480

Copper Country Historical Collections
J. R. Van Pelt Library
Michigan Technological University
1400 Townsend Drive
Houghton, MI 49931-1295
Telephone: (906) 487-3209
Fax: (906) 487-2357
Email: copper at or enordber at
Web page:

Houghton County Historical Society
Houghton County Historical Museum
5500 Highway M-26
P.O. Box 127
Lake Linden, MI 49945
Telephone: (906) 296-4121
Web Page:

J. M. Longyear Research Library
Marquette County Historical Society
213 N. Front St.
Marquette, MI 49855
Telephone: (906) 226-3571

Library of Michigan
Michigan Department of History, Arts, and Libraries
702 W. Kalamazoo St.
P.O. Box 30007
Lansing, MI 48909-7507
Telephone: (517) 373-1580
Fax: (517) 373-4480
Email: librarian at
Web page: http:/

Mid-Continent Railway Historical Society, Inc.
P.O. Box 358
North Freedom, WI 53951-0358
Telephone: (800) 930-1385 or (608) 522-4261
Web page:

National Archives and Records Administration
Textual Reference Branch
8601 Adelphi Road
College Park, MD 20740-6001
Telephone: (301) 713-7250
Email: inquire at

The Cartographic Branch, with maps from the Interstate Commerce Commission, is located at the same address, but the telephone is (301) 713-7040.

Peter White Public Library
217 N. Front St.
Marquette, MI 49855
Telephone: (906) 228-9510
Fax: (906) 228-7315

Soo Line Historical and Technical Society
2124 N. Locust Street
Appleton, WI 54914
Web page:

The Soo Line Historical and Technical Society covers the DSS&A, the Soo Line Railroad Co., Wisconsin Central Ltd., Algoma Central, Minneapolis, Northfield & Southern, Minneapolis, St. Paul & Sault Ste. Marie, and the Canadian Pacific. It publishes The Soo.

The archives of the Soo Line Historical and Technical Society publishes the Mileposts newsletter. Apparently, the archives is not consolidated at this time, but some of the materials are at the Polk Library, University of Wisconsin at Oshkosh. There is an effort underway to establish a Soo Line Railroad Museum at the former railroad depot in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Perhaps the archives will be consolidated at that time. Staffing of the archives is limited and voluntary, therefore, please keep your requests as simple and clear as possible. In my experience with the archives, Mr. Easton has been extremely helpful. The contact person for the archives is:

Larry E. Easton, Archivist
1315 Green Acres Lane
Neenah, WI 54956
Telephone: (414) 725-4160

There is also a DSS&A Division of the Soo Line Historical and Technical Society that publishes the South Shore Shorts newsletter. The division meets once a year, usually in August, at a site along the DSS&A route. The contact person for the DSS&A Division is:

Andrew Roth
700 Alice Place
Elgin, IL 60123
Telephone: (708) 697-4597

Lastly, the Soo Line Historical and Technical Society has a project to collect information on DSS&A rolling stock in order to prepare a guide for modelers. At this point they are still collecting data and particularly would like to hear from people with information regarding DSS&A equipment and color schemes. To share information with the people working on this project you can contact:

Patrick C. Dorin, Ph.D.
P.O. Box 667
Superior, WI 54880

When the modelling guide is completed and available, I will make note of it at this web site.

Anyone seriously interested in the history of the DSS&A should join the Soo Line Historical and Technical Society and the DSS&A Division.

State Archives of Michigan
Michigan Department of History, Arts, and Libraries
Michigan Historical Center
702 W. Kalamazoo St.
P.O. Box 30740
Lansing, MI 48909-8240
Telephone: (517) 373-1408
Fax: (517) 241-1658
TDD: (517) 373-1592
Email: archives at
Web page:

Superior View Studio
Jack Deo
137 1/2 W. Washington Street
Marquette, MI 49855
Telephone: (906) 225-1952
Fax: (906) 225-0125

Jack Deo's Superior View Studio offers an extensive collection of Upper Michigan photographs for sale.  If you are in Marquette, then you should visit his shop.   He has many photographs of railroads, iron mines, and copper mines.

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Other Copper Country Model Railroaders

George Anderson

George is modeling the Houghton, Hancock, and Calumet areas of the DSS&A between 1890 and 1910.

Dennis H. Leopold
Email: dhleopol at

Dennis is a Michigan Technological University student and a member of the Copper Range Model Railroad Club. This is the organization that is constructing a model layout at the Houghton County Historical Society Museum, Lake Linden. In addition to his model railroading, he has collected a lot of archival materials relating to the Copper Range. He is working on a roster of Copper Range locomotives, rolling stock, and maintenance of way cars.

Doug McDowell
Department of Geological Engineering and Sciences
Michihgan Technological University
Houghton, MI 49931
Telephone, work: (906) 487-2365
Telephone, home: (906) 337-5465
Email: sdmcdowe at

Doug is a Trustee of the Houghton County Historical Society and the contact person for the Copper Range Model Railroad Club, whose layout is on the grounds of the society's museum in Lake Linden. According to Doug, about 75 percent of the layout was donated by the daughter of Bob Feiser and the remaining 25 percent will be new. This ambitious layout will eventually cover the following areas for the 1920's:

The three shafts from the Mohawk Mine at the northern end of the Copper Range, each depicting different stages in shaft house evolution
A portion of Calumet near the Copper Range station and yard, now near Spruce and Pine streets
The Quincy Mill near Mason, with the MRRR on the lower level, the Copper Range on the middle level, and the Quincy & Torch Lake on the upper level
Some areas around Dollar Bay and Riply including Horner Flooring, Lakes Smelter, a Dollar Bay sawmill, and the Quincy smelter at Ripley, with both MRRR and Copper Range tracks
The Houghton swing bridge, both levels, with a possible traction loop
The Copper Range Houghton yard with roundhouse, warehouse, Van Orden coal and lime, the coal unloader, and various ship loading
The Trimountain Mill near Freda, with lots of interesting trestle-work
And the portions of the Feiser layout depicting the south end of the Copper Range at McKeever and several other towns along the wa including Painsedale, Toivola, and possibly one other

Kevin E. Musser
Keweenaw Railroad Company
Web page:

Kevin is modeling the Copper Range railroad from McKeever to Houghton in 1923. He has done a marvelous job in modeling Copper Country buildings from this period including the DSS&A Houghton depot. For more information about his layout and efforts please visit his home page. His home page also has the articles he has published in Hotbox, the journal of the North Central Region, National Model Railroad Association. These articles are part of a series entitled "Structures of the Keweenaw" on modeling various buildings including the DSS&A Houghton depot. I must add that Kevin has been very helpful to me in pointing out DSS&A and Copper Country railroad resources.

Note: Kevin passed away in September 2007. He was an impressive modeler and railroad enthusiast. In my interactions with him I found him to always be a gentleman and eager to share his extensive knowledge with a novice.

Robert A. Oom
4448 West "D" Ave.
Kalamazoo, MI 49009
Telephone: (616) 344-1626

Robert is modelling the Nestoria to East Houghton area around the early 1950's. He is including the dieselization of of the South Shore in his layout. He is also the current president of the DSS&A Division of the Soo Line Historical and Technical Society. He was also the editor of an interesting series, entitled the "South Shore," published in The Soo.

David Seguin
Email: dssafan at

David is modeling the DSS&A in N Scale.  He is mostly interested in the St. Ignace area and the DSS&A's connection to Mackinaw City and up to Trout Lake.    He has modeled the Chief Wawatam ferry in
N Scale. According to him: "The Chief has been a labor of love for about 2-1/2 years. Everything pretty much has to be scratch built. Some day I will get her finished."   I hope David writes an article about building this ship when he finishes it.   He also reports that modeling the DSS&A in N scale is a challenge, especially in preparing decals.

Tom Staley
321 Cayman Ave.
Holly Springs, NC 27540
Email: Tom_Staley at NetEdge.Com

Tom is modeling the DSS&A from Houghton to Calumet between 1906 and 1930. He is starting the challenging task of modelling the 1906 swivel bridge between Houghton and Hancock. He wants to include not only the railroad tracks on the lower deck, but also the street car tracks on the upper deck of the bridge.

Richard E. Taylor
RailDreams, Inc.
P. O. BOX 125
Lake Linden, MI 49945
Telephone: (906) 296-0462
Fax: (906) 296-0862
Email: raildrms at or info at

Richard is now associated with the Copper Range Model Railroad Club at the Houghton Country Historical Society Museum.  He brings to this project all his skill in building custom layouts for sale.  He and his wife Denise are the proprietors of RailDreams, Inc., at   I want to thank Richard for giving my wife, daughter Renée, and I an excellent tour of the layout in April 1998.   The progress made on this layout since I first saw it is impressive.  There is still a lot to do, but you can now visualize what the layout will eventually look like.  Keep up the great work Richard and all you other volunteers.

Please let me know if you too are modeling any of the Copper Country railroads and I will add your name to this site. Also, if I list you here and you want your name removed, or additional information added, then please contact me.

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