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Santiago de Cuba Campaign
Order of Battle, 1898

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I have created this page to show where the 34th Michigan Volunteer Regiment fit into the other units serving in the Santiago de Cuba Campaign.  What does this have to do with the Duluth, South Shore, and Atlantic Railway (DSS&A)?   My grandfather, John F. Stanton, was an employee of the DSS&A and served in the 34th Michigan Volunteer Regiment.  Moreover, many of the boys from the Upper Peninsula started their Spanish-American War adventure with a ride on the DSS&A.

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Copper Country men departing on the DSS&A from the old MRRR
station in 1898.  I believe that the original of this photograph is now
in Jack Deo's collection, Superior View Studio, Marquette, MI.


V Army Corps

Headquarters Staff
1st Squadron, 2nd Cavalry Regiment
C and E Companies, Engineer Battalion
Detached, Hospital Corps
Detachment (including signal balloon), Signal Corps

1st Division

1st Brigade

6th Infantry Regiment
16th Infantry Regiment
71st New York Volunteers Regiment

2nd Brigade

2nd Infantry Regiment
10th Infantry Regiment
21st Infantry Regiment

3rd Brigade

9th Infantry Regiment
13th Infantry Regiment
24th Infantry Regiment (African-American, Buffalo Soldiers)

2nd Division

1st Brigade

8th Infantry Regiment
22nd Infantry Regiment
2nd Massachusetts Volunteers Regiment

2nd Brigade

1st Infantry Regiment
4th Infantry Regiment
25th Infantry Regiment (African-American, Buffalo Soldiers)

3rd Brigade

7th Infantry Regiment
12th Infantry Regiment
17th Infantry Regiment

Independent Regular Brigade

3rd Infantry Regiment
20th Infantry Regiment

Independent Volunteer Brigade (also called the Provisional Reserve Brigade or the Beachhead Garrison at Siboney)

9th Massachusetts Volunteers Regiment
8th Ohio Volunteers Regiment
33rd Michigan Volunteers Regiment
34th Michigan Volunteers Regiment

Cavalry Division

1st Brigade

3rd Cavalry Regiment
6th Cavalry Regiment
9th Cavalry Regiment (African-American, Buffalo Soldiers)

2nd Brigade

1st Cavalry Regiment
10th Cavalry Regiment (African-American, Buffalo Soldiers)
1st Volunteer Cavalry Regiment (the famous Rough Riders)

Artillery Battalion

E Battery, 1st Artillery Regiment (four 8-inch mortars, with the Independent Volunteer Brigade)
K Battery (Grimes), 1st Artillery Regiment (four 3.2-inch guns)
A Battery (Capron), 2nd Artillery (four 3.2-inch guns)
F Battery (Parker), 2nd Artillery (four Gatling guns)
G Battery (Best), 4th Artillery (four 3.2-inch guns)
H Battery (Parkhurst), 4th Artillery (four 3.2-inch guns)

As you can see there were few volunteer regiments that served in Cuba, despite the many volunteer regiments that were formed and volunteered to serve. Some of these units did serve in Puerto Rica, the Philippines, or in the occupation of Cuba. It is rather amazing that the 34th Michigan was one of the few volunteer regiments to make it to Cuba and to participate in the Santiago de Cuba campaign.

This list is based mostly on Nofi (1996, 331-332) and Konstam (1998, 92).  The full bibliographic information can be found on the John F. Stanton page.

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This page, and all contents, are Copyright 1997 by John P. DuLong, Berkley, MI. Created 8 October 1997.  Last modified 17 January 2000.