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Hubbell Station

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Ernie's Gas Station

As a child I did not know that Ernie Poisson's gas station was really the old Mineral Range Railroad (MRRR) train station.  It is such a small building that I did not suspect its former role.  Here is a photograph of one end of the building that I took a few summers ago.  On my next trip I will try and take better photographs of all four sides.

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Old MRRR train station, Hubbell.

For me, being held captive by homesick parents who insisted that I spend my summers in, of all places, Hubbell, I never felt that I had arrived in their homeland until after I crossed under the Ahmeek trestle.  Years later, when I grew up and came to love the Copper Country, I can remember my first visit back to Hubbell just after the trestle had been torn down.  I was in shock.  I finally realized that the copper mines would never come back.  Of course, we all know that the Ahmeek Mill and trestle was really in Tamarack Mills, adjacent to Hubbell.

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Ahmeek Mill and trestle, Tamarack Mills.  Photograph courtesy of Jack Deo's Superior View Photographic Collection.

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