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Corporate Family Tree

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A Family of Railroad Companies

Given my interest in genealogy, I suppose it was only a matter of time before I plotted out the pedigree of the Duluth, South Shore, and Atlantic Railway (DSS&A).  Like most North American railroad companies it has many predecessors and since it no longer exists, a few descendants.  The Wisconsin Central now stands as heir to the heritage of the DSS&A.

Warning, the following chart is wide and you might have to scroll left and right as well as up and down to view it.  This chart is best viewed with your display set to 800 by 600 pixels, at least 256 colors, and using Netscape 4.x or better.  I tried several different techniques for making it smaller, but was without success.  The chart was originally done in Visio version 4.0b, moved into a Windows Metafile format (*.wmf), and then made into a gif file.   If anyone can offer me advice on how to make this chart more manageable, then please let me know.  You can use the save image feature in Netscape to copy the chart to your system.   I suspect other browser offer a similar feature.  If you try to print it, then I suggest you switch from portrait to landscape on your printer and then tape the output together.  

Just push the following button to go to the chart:

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Sources used in constructing this chart include "Chart of Relationship of Railroad Companies Involved in the History of the D. S. S. & A. RY. CO.," n.d., State Archives of Michigan, Record Group: Records of Attorney General, Duluth South Shore & Atlantic R. R. vs. State of Michigan, accession no. 5307-A, lot no. 3, and Meints (1992, 167).

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