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Roster of Company F,
34th Michigan Volunteer Infantry
Regiment, 1898

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I have including this roster of Copper Country soldiers because my grandfather, John F. Stanton, is among them.  He worked for the Duluth, South Shore, and Atlantic Railway (DSS&A).  I suspect that some of these other men may also have had connections to the DSS&A.  Please let me know if you can spot any other DSS&A or MRRR employees on this list.

Company F, was commanded by Captain George Millar and was part of the 1st Battalion under Lt. Col. John R. Bennett in June and Col. John P. Peterman(n?) in July, who was also the leader of the entire 34th Regiment. The 34th was assigned to General Henry(?) Duffield's Provisional Reserve Brigade. This brigade was attached to the V Army Corp for the duration of the Santiago de Cuba campaign.

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The soldiers of Company F, 34th Michigan Volunteer Infantry, 1898, probably taken at Island Lake, Livingston County, MI.   Sadly, I do
not have a list of the men in relationship to their position in the photograph.  Official Souvenir, Michigan Volunteers of '98 (1898)


George Millar, Captain, Houghton

Charles V. Henrickson, 1st Lieutenant, Houghton
Rudolph J. Haas, 2nd Lieutenant, Houghton

Charles Thebo, 1st Sergeant, Hancock
Carl Krist Rath, Quarter Master Sergeant, Houghton
John C. Osborn, Sergeant, Houghton
Irving J. Shields, Sergeant, Hancock
Henry J. [W.?] Hecker, Sergeant, Hancock
John G. McFarlane, Sergeant, Houghton

William J. Sanders, Corporal, Hancock
Angus J. McDonald, Corporal, Hancock
Charles D. Crawford, Corporal, Hancock
Carl C. Jensen, Corporal, Houghton
John Driscoll, Corporal, Hancock
Joseph N. De Marce, Corporal, Houghton

Homer Covey, Musician, Eaton Rapids (died 19 August
1898 on hospital ship Ollivette on way to Montauk Point)

John E. Mildon, Artificer, Houghton (died of pneumonia
on 9 October 1898 at Houghton)

Louis J. Walters, Wagoner, Houghton

Axel Anderson, Private, Houghton
Charles L Anderson, Private, Hancock
Clayton L. Allen, Private, Milan (died 2 September
1898 of pernicious malaria with anemia at the Red
Cross Hospital, Long Island City, New York)
Geroge Boven, Private, L'Anse
Hugh B. Bentley, Private, Hancock
Henry I. Breitman, Private, Houghton
George Bartlett, Private, Houghton
Peter Begain, Private, Houghton
Claude E. Brockelbank, Private, Coldwater
William C. Bryant, Private, Hancock
William J. Carah, Private, Houghton
John M. Croze, Private, Houghton
Narcissus L. Crebassa, Private, Baraga
William Decota, Private, Hancock
Charles DeLong Champs, Private, Ironwood
Ray L. Eggleston, Private, Houghton
Matt Erickson, Private, ? (not sure of facts,
reported dead, no official notice)
Louis Ethier, Private, Hancock (died 3 October
1898 at Presbyterian Hospital, New York City)
Robert L. Edwards, Private, Houghton
Elton H. Esselstyn, Private, Lansing
William De J. Evans, Private, Houghton
Kaarle Fenander, Private, Hancock
Edward Foote, Private, Houghton
John F. Fred, Private, Hancock
Hayes Fredericks, Private, Houghton
Edward C. Fuller, Private, Houghton
Thomas G. Glendenning, Private, Hougthon
Bird M. J. Citzen, Private, Hancock
George H. Galletley, Private, Prairieville
Joseph A. Greenlef, Private, Houghton
Frank Gribbes, Private, Calumet
John E. Heikka, Private, Hancock
Albert C. Haas, Private, Houghton
Jay B. Halsted, Private, Houghton
Alex C. Hartle, Private, Baraga
Thomas Hazel, Private, Houghton
Patrick J. Healy, Private, Hancock (died
August 1898 of typhoid fever at Siboney, Cuba)
Michael Helpakka, Private, Hancock
Henry Hendron, Private, Houghton
John Holm, Private, Houghton
Neil Hume, Private, Houghton
Arthur A. Hood, Private, Plymouth
William Frank Hames, Private, Hancock
Frederick W. Jackson, Houghton
Andrew Jacobson, Private, Houghton
Robert H. Kehl, Private, Houghton
Nicholas Klimer, Private, Hancock
John J. Keeler, Private, Hancock
William La Plant, Private, Ontonagon
Alfred Leslie, Private, Houghton
Aaron Lichty, Private, Grand Rapids
Fred W. Loranger, Private, Houghton
Axel R. Lindvall, Private, Hancock
Michael Ludowise, Private, Houghton
Victor E. Liljcquist, Private, Hancock
Reuben Masters, Private, Houghton
Henry P. Mead, Private, Hancock
Donald E. McDonald, Private, Hancock
Robert D. McDonell, Private, Hancock
Phillip F. Mitchell, Private, Houghton
Frank J. McElery, Private, Houghton
William T. Michaelson, Private, Houghton
Eugene Monroe, Private, Houghton
John R. Morrison, Private, Hancock
Frank Mulligan, Private, Houghton
George H. Osborn, Private, Houghton
Glenn O. Obenhoff, Private, Houghton
Peter Oksa, Private, Hancock
Elmer A. Otto, Private, Baraga
John E. Pallock, Private, ? (not sure of facts,
drowned in Portage Lake, 10 October 1898)
Adolph Pantella, Private, ? (not sure of facts,
reported dead no official notice)
Joseph M. Pumerville, Private, Houghton
Samuel R. Penberthy, Private, Hancock
John J. Plessmann, Private, Houghton
William G. Pellow, Private, Hancock
John E. Pollock, Private, Sault Ste. Marie
Edward M. Rentenbach, Private, Hancock
George A. Rowe, Private, Calumet
Frank J. Rutherford, Private, Hancock
Robert B. Siller, Private, Houghton
Claude B. Sawyer, Private, Hancock
August G. Sdhlaak, Private, Houghton
John F. Stanton, Private, Houghton
George W. Taylor, Private, Hancock
Pembroke G. Tucker, Private, Houghton
Charles G. Tabbert, Private, Detroit
Delbert Vanderwert, Private, Hancock
James H. Vivian, Private, Red Jacket
John L. Williams, Private, Hancock
Otto Wagner, Private, Dollar Bay

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This is suppose to be some of the men of Company F in Cuba.  I do not know who is
who in this picture.  The original photograph is in the possession of Thomas Noel,
the great-grandson of John F. Stanton.

The data for this list comes from Houghton Light Infantry and Calumet Light Guard (1900) and Official Souvenir, Michigan Volunteers of '98 (1898).  The full bibliographic information can be found on the John F. Stanton page.

Please contact me if you happen to know any of the men in either photograph.

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